Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation Policy: *I understand that a valid Credit/Debit Card is required to secure the booking. I understand that missed sessions or sessions cancelled with less than 24 HOURS NOTICE must be paid for in full. In such case I understand and agree that my card will be charged for the full amount of the session. I understand that a card on file is required at the time of scheduling and is the sole discretion of John Shevlin Pain & Injury Specialist/Rathmines Pain & Injury Clinic. I understand that refunds are not possible. I am aware that currently, Neuromuscular Therapy is not covered by VHI insurance.

Lateness: I understand that sessions begin and end on time. If I am late, for any reason, I can only be treated for the remaining time scheduled and will be required to pay for the full session.

Confidentiality: I understand that I am entitled to confidentiality with certain exceptions in which reporting may be legally required, such as current abuse of a minor, elderly, or disabled person, or the threat of serious bodily harm to myself or others. Confidentiality may no longer be legally protected should a judge make certain orders in certain legal proceedings. Should I choose to request or attempt to engage in any illegal or illicit activity toward or regarding John Shevlin Pain & Injury Specialist or its agents, I waive any and all expectation of confidentiality.

Consent for Treatment.

I (client) understand that sessions with John Shevlin Pain & Injury Specialist should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment and that I should see a general practioner or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment of which I am aware.

I understand that there is no guarantee that the course of treatment will improve my condition and that it is possible that treatment may temporarily increase my symptoms or aggravate my condition during the investigation process.

I understand that working with John Shevlin Pain & Injury Specialist is a process that I am to be fully engaged with and could involve a minimum of 4-6 sessions. I understand that if I am not experiencing change in symptoms in 3-4 sessions I am to discuss this with John going forward.
You and your brain are the ultimate healers in the equation. No therapist can promise or guarantee results. To do that would ignore the true nature of healing. Our role is to support clients’ healing process and give them the tools and resources they need to feel and move better. Our goal is simple: to help you bring your brain and body back into tune again and create an environment where healing can begin.