How Does It Work/What Happens In A Session?

Our 4 Step 'Ultimate Approach'

Step 1:

The Ultimate Assessment.

Incredibly Detailed Diagnostics Of Musculoskeletal Function To Determine Your Movement Restrictions, Weaknesses, And Imbalance. This Helps To Identify The Underlying Causes Of Musculoskeletal Pain And Dysfunction, Rather Than Just Treating The Symptoms.

Step 2:

Help Reset The System

Using Advanced Hands-on Techniques To Restore Normal And Efficient Movement Patterns.Laser Therapy To Alleviate Pain & Inflammation.*Specific Exercises To Help Activate Muscles, Improve Flexibility, And Wake Up The System

Step 3:

Build Whole Body & Joint Endurance

Build Sufficient Stability For The Demands Of The Task And Ensure Sufficient Muscular Endurance To Spare The Joints And Create A Solid Foundation For Strength Building.

Step 4:

Build Strength Specific To The Needs Of The Individual

By Strengthening The Muscles That Support The joints and improving overall movement patterns, strength training can reduce the stress on joints and other tissues, reducing pain and discomfort.
Building strength can also improve overall function, making it easier to perform daily activities and reducing the risk of injury. This can lead to improved quality of life and increased independence.