Getting Nowhere with longstanding Pain
-Despite Endless Physio/Chiro/Osteo/Massage?
We get to the source of your pain and provide a road map to success.

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For over 12 years we’ve been helping active people in Rathmines and Dublin get back to feeling their best in the shortest and safest time possible. 

What We Do

We Help People
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​People who come to Rathmines

Pain & Injury Clinic regularly tell us

They thought the pain would go away by itself but it didn’t.

They were told to rest and/or take anti-inflammatories by doctors which didn’t help.

They’ve been told by a friend or family member that ‘you’re just getting old’ and it’s normal to have this pain’.

They’ve tried other Health Professionals, but were not listened to or only given a short, rushed session.

They’ve tried some exercises on YouTube which only gave a little short term relief, or didn’t help at all. Leaving them confused and a little worried.

They feel ‘broken’ or ‘can’t be fixed’

If this sounds familiar, then we can help you to get back feeling great again and doing the things you love. *We have over 10 years experience helping people just like you with:

Our 4 Step 'Ultimate Approach'

Step 1:

The Ultimate Assessment.

Incredibly Detailed Diagnostics Of Musculoskeletal Function To Determine Your Movement Restrictions, Weaknesses, And Imbalance. This Helps To Identify The Underlying Causes Of Musculoskeletal Pain And Dysfunction, Rather Than Just Treating The Symptoms.

Step 2:

Help Reset The System

Using Advanced Hands-on Techniques To Restore Normal And Efficient Movement Patterns.Laser Therapy To Alleviate Pain & Inflammation.*Specific Exercises To Help Activate Muscles, Improve Flexibility, And Wake Up The System

Step 3:

Build Whole Body & Joint Endurance

Build Sufficient Stability For The Demands Of The Task And Ensure Sufficient Muscular Endurance To Spare The Joints And Create A Solid Foundation For Strength Building.

Step 4:

Build Strength Specific To The Needs Of The Individual

By Strengthening The Muscles That Support The joints and improving overall movement patterns, strength training can reduce the stress on joints and other tissues, reducing pain and discomfort.
Building strength can also improve overall function, making it easier to perform daily activities and reducing the risk of injury. This can lead to improved quality of life and increased independence.

Not Ready To Book A Session?

We realise that not everyone is ready to book a session straight away. Perhaps you’re unsure if we can help or what it is we do exactly.
A Free Discovery Visit lets people with pain and concerns come along to the clinic – with no obligation –to have your questions answered and spend some time with us to discover if we can actually help you or not.

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